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Geek Girls Sports Club

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Geek Girls Sports Club - Austin, Texas
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This community is for the Geek Girls Sports Club in Austin, TX. It is a central place where we can throw out ideas, plan meetups and vote on what sports to do for the weeks...

For any new visitors, Geek Girls Sports is basically a group of girls who met when one of us (thanks Jess!) posted an ad on austincommunity and craigslist looking for other girls who were interested in getting together to play sports on the weekends. Each member picks a month, and for that month, they're responsible for choosing a sport, gathering equipment, securing a location, and designating a restaurant for dinner and drinks afterwards.

Sounds great...how do I become a member?
We're always looking for more members, but to retain our sanity, we're only accepting members to the community who show up to an event. Once you come to an event, we'll add you as a member and add you to our email list. Membership means you have the ability to post, and the option of selecting a month to be responsible for. If you don't think you have time to plan an event, come to some of our games anyway! We're a fun bunch of girls and we're trying to promote great relationships among women through the medium of sports! We always welcome unusual sporting ideas (Kyudo Zen Archery, anyone?) and would love to have you as a member!

This community was begun in January of 2005 by Jess.

Member names (to help keep everyone straight):
austintangent is Janelle
bubbleplastic is Clare #9
djfresa is Tracie
velokitty is Kathleen (Kat) #7
meggyanne is Meg #19
missjmp is Jess #88
omeagha is Meaghan #00
shawnee_estesis Shawnee #3
toolstriss is Sioux (aka "the Weasel") #83
aggiekatie03 is Katie #18
blandeena is Mary #5
xiuzan is Suzanne
applexapple is Lauren
mb_kayak is Marlo
gudenna is April
stalwartmoonpie is Jen
fiercecupcake is Fierce Cupcake (um, I'll put a real name here soon!)
commonvee is Vanessa

Questions? We're democratic around here and every member is a mod. Pick a gal and ask a question!

Why, yes! We *do* have a group flickr page...come visit us!

What's that? You want to know if we're on Tribe.net, too? Sho' 'nuff...(pardon the construction dust over here

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