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Help a sister out! [Jan. 14th, 2008|10:50 pm]
Geek Girls Sports Club - Austin, Texas


[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hey all,

I don't often ask people to do things, but this is something I think you should all do. Those of you who are also myspace friends with me may have already seen some (or all) of the 747589438 bulletins I have posted on the topic.


SocialVibe is a new site (still in beta testing) that a couple of people I sorta-kinda know work for out in LA. I've been signed up for it for around a month now, and so far I think it is awesome. It is NOT a social networking site so it isn't one more thing you'd have to keep up with. Instead it works WITH your social networking sites (facebook, myspace, livejournal etc.). After you sign up you will be given the option to pick from a ton of 'sponsors' (different brands - right now I have Burton and Apple as mine), once you pick one you can choose from a variety of banners for that sponsor, then you will be given a code to put on your social networking site of choice. In return for having the banner on your site you earn points that will eventually be able to be traded in for prizes, and more importantly you also raise money for charity. By doing pretty much nothing. Some of the products also have prizes attached to them (e.g. I believe xbox has guitar hero 3 up for grabs right now, and last month samsung gave away a TV and apple gave away ipod nanos), the more days you have the banner for the product on your page the more entries you get for a prize drawing.

So, to summarize. sign up, put a pretty unintrusive banner on your myspace/facebook/whatever, earn points/prizes and raise money for charity. doooooo itttttttt!!!

p.s. it helps me get points if people sign up, so even if you don't think this is something you would want to use (which, are you crazy? raising money for charity just by playing around on myspace or something? pretty awesome in my opinion) please sign up anyway, if you decide not to put a sponsor anyplace that is fine, but at least check it out (the minimum I need from you is that you confirm your e-mail with them, that way you have officially signed up, after that it's totally up to you what you choose to do)!

Pretty please? SIGN UP HERE!

p.p.s If anybody has questions about this before they sign up let me know, and I will try and answer them for you...

p.p.p.s. thanks to Janelle, Suzanne and Mary who have already signed up :)